Andronetalks Radio, the show that covers a variety of topics, as well as re-occuring topics, such as the Yellow Vest reports with Chris, regressions and sessions with Jenifer and Hakita in addition to other people that want to contribute their insight on various topics.

Listen to my book 'the Seer, Violets in the Grass', I provide added insights and explanations after each chapter.

The People's Voice is a forum for the public and listeners of the channel where they can voice their experience, their knowledge and their insight if they so choose.

Listen to various poems and stories given to me by Edgar Allan Poe, both from my book 'Macabre, Short Stories and Poems from the Other Side', as well as channeled messages gathered over time.

The Andronicus Transmissions, started on Wolf Spirit Radio and continued on my YouTube channel, a series of over 175 shows archived. Each show is 2 hours long and contains channeled information from an Andromedan called Andronicus and others related to him in our galaxy.

I've been a talkshow host since 2012 sharing insights that I have recieved as an interdimensional seer. During the shows we have covered various topics related to the paranormal, extra-terrestrials, quantum space, time-travel, futuristic topics, historical legends and interpretations. My focus shifted around 2017 and I became much more proactive into disclosure to assist humanity. One of my shows is called Disclosures with Peter the Insider and during our discussions we cross over the fringe of reality/time/space in our  context of existance.

Since the summer of 2018 I have been hosting my own YouTube channel where I post various shows and sessions with people that contain a lot of helpful and interesting information.

Click the link below to go directly to my channel:

Special Reports are (news) updates regarding current events or astral activity that I witness and feel I want or need to share with everyone.

My channel also contains multiple videos that will help you with meditation, as well as how to break yourself free from contracts and/or constucts that you no longer wish to be a part of. More videos will be added in the future, and suggestions are always welcome.

Disclosures with Peter the Insider, the director of the 12th division of the ACIO (Advanced or Alien Contact Intelligence Organization). Here we discuss various topics regarding our context of existence, current events and news updates.

Jimi's show evolved out of Special Reports I did regarding android/robotic activity in the Detroit area (Detroit become Human), and is now a show where we discuss and share parts of his personal journey through sessions I do with him and might act as an example of the work I do with people on their own personal spiritual path.

Readings By Arael